Use of patent protection and patent information has increased dramatically in the knowledge based economy, and that trend will continue due to the growing economies particularly in Asia and due to generally increased patent awareness amongst users, not least individual inventors, SMEs and Research Institutions.

Nordic Patent Institute was established in order to give users in the contracting states the best possible local framework conditions for operating efficiently in a patent active market.

Accordingly, we have defined the following Mission Statement:

"Nordic Patent Institute shall supply international patenting and information services in close cooperation with the participating national patent offices in order to stimulate innovation in the contracting states".

We will meet this aim by maintaining and strengthening our competencies and by ensuring a suitable minimum amount of workload. Consequently, we will act as a PCT Authority (International Searching and Preliminary Examination Authority) and also offer further services to other patent authorities and private customers.

We will draw upon the resources of the national patent offices of the contracting states, thereby strengthening competencies at national level and at the same time exploiting the advantage of having access to the consolidated resources of the national offices.