Fee Reductions Offered by Nordic Patent Institute

It is the policy of the Nordic Patent Institute to avoid unnecessary duplication of work. The Nordic Patent Institute will therefore make use of work done by other patent authorities whenever possible. Similarly, the Institute aims at delivering work of a quality that makes it possible for other patent authorities to make use of it.

The Nordic Patent Institute will presuppose that work performed by the Danish, Norwegian or Swedish patent offices is of a quality that meets the Institute's standards. In PCT applications claiming priority from a national application where the Danish, Norwegian or Swedish patent office has issued a search report, the applicant will therefore be entitled to a partial fee refund provided the search report is forwarded and meets certain formal criteria.

All PCT applications will be dealt with by a specialist examiner at the Danish or Norwegian patent office. Harmonisation and independence of work is ensured by involving a supporting specialist examiner from the other of these offices.

The present fee refund scheme will soon be extended to cover search reports issued by any patent authority. For search reports not carried out by the Danish, Norwegian or Swedish offices there will, however, be an individual assessment of the usability.

It should also be mentioned in this context that work performed by the Nordic Patent Institute is recognised by EPO. International Search Reports carried out by the Institute will entitle the applicant to a very substantial fee refund (890 EURO) at EPO.