Getting Ready for Launch

All the teams involved in the Nordic Patent Institute project have been very busy with their own tasks as well as with tasks that overlap between teams. One such task aims at obtaining and maintaining high quality in products and services of the Nordic Patent Institute, and here the Production and IT teams have been the main contributors.

The Production team has worked on a quality manual, and work is soon to be completed. The quality system of the Nordic Patent Institute will resemble the existing quality systems of the participating Offices. The manual is divided into three levels. The first level concerns the policies and objectives of the Institute and is accessible on the Institute website. The remaining levels address document steering and procedures for the daily work of the Institute, respectively. These procedures will be ready at the end of the year.

The Production team is also responsible for educating formalities examiners and technical examiners.

In September, the team arranged a course where the examiners were taught how to use the work flow based file administration system of the Nordic Patent Institute.

At the same time the harmonization project for the examiners was initiated. The objective of these activities is to ensure that the search and examination processes carried out by the examiners are identical.

"We have previously had success with our harmonization exercises and we are planning to continue these arrangements regularly. We find them very useful for making sure that the processes of treating PCT-cases are identical across the examiners, and hereby also making sure that our applicants meet the same operating procedures, whether their application is dealt with in Norway or Denmark", says Marianne Rachlitz from the Production team.

The Production team has in collaboration with the Strategy team interviewed potential future users in Denmark, Iceland and Norway about their expectations of the Nordic Patent Institute. The surveys have contributed with valuable information regarding how the Nordic Patent Institute can differentiate itself from other PCT authorities.

The IT team is responsible for establishing and testing the technical infrastructure of the Institute. The team is also ensuring that the communication between the three countries and between the countries and the customers will work securely.

Furthermore, the team is responsible for establishing and maintaining the homepage of the Nordic Patent Institute.

"We are implementing the design, logo and name of the Institute at the moment. The homepage will contain up-to date information concerning the services to be offered by the Institute. We are also responsible for supplying the new Nordic Patent Institute office, which is situated in DKPTO in Denmark, with the necessary infrastructure. The Web service systems will be located in Norway and handled by the Norwegian IT department - seamless to the user", says Anne Burnett from the IT team.

Regarding the IT-certification, the Nordic Patent Institute will comply with ISO 17799. The Institute has not been approved in relation to the ISO 17799, but the valid rules are being implemented progressively. The goal is not to get certified before launch January 1st, but to get the certification in the long term.

The IT team has tested the workflows for handling PCT cases. The tests focused on the different stages of the PCT case workflows, registering the stages and ensuring that they all function as expected. The team has moreover examined the fiscal system. From next year, the IT team will focus on automating the commercial services electronically.

The economy team has in particular worked on establishing the various economy tools for administrating the money flows under the cooperation and for drafting the budget and financial statements of the Nordic Patent Institute.