Latest Figures for 2009

In the third quarter of 2009, Nordic Patent Institute received 65 requests for an International Search Report (ISR) or a Written Opinion (WO) under Chapter 2, of which 20 are from Danish applicants and 44 are from Norwegian applicants. The total figures for 2009 are: 158 ISR/WO, of which 50 are from Danish applicants, 107 from Norwegian applicants and 1 from an Icelandic applicant.

In addition, 15 International Preliminary Examination Reports (IPER) have been requested, 8 from Danish applicants and 7 from Norwegian applicants. Two International Type Searches (ITS) were requested, both from Danish applicants.

Although still below budget and with a small decrease in the requests for ITS, the level of activity in general has increased compared to 2008.