Meeting in Iceland

In late August, representatives from the three member states of the Nordic Patent Institute – Norway, Iceland and Denmark – gathered in Iceland.

It is not the first time all the team members have met to discuss all the formal and practical aspects of the establishment of the new PCT authority – in February, a similar meeting took place in Oslo. But whereas the first meeting mainly focused on a common understanding of the new authority and the general framework and long-term strategic planning of the Nordic Patent Institute, the purpose of the second meeting was rather to obtain workable solutions and final agreements on a lot of practical issues.

The project organisation for establishing the Nordic Patent Institute comprises a central steering group, a project group, and five teams that each take care of their specific areas: production, legal issues, IT, strategy, and economy. Throughout the last year, the teams have met separately several times, but the two large meetings in Norway and Iceland have given the teams the opportunity to meet each other and discuss the many issues relating to more than just one team.