New Board Member and a new Chair of the Board

On 29 April 2011 Jørgen Smith chaired his last meeting as Chair of the Board of Nordic Patent Institute.

On 1 May 2011 Jørgen left his post as Director General of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO), after 19 years as Director General, to take up a position in the law firm Arntzen de Besche in Oslo. Jørgen is one of the founding fathers of Nordic Patent Institute and has been the Chair of the Board from the establishment of the organization.

Toril Foss

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has appointed Toril Foss as Acting Director General of NIPO for a period of 6 months from 1 May to 1 November 2011.

Toril Foss holds a degree in chemical engineering and has been employed by NIPO since 1980 when she started work as a patent examiner. She has since held several managerial positions at NIPO: Head of Section for Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, Director of the Information Department and Project Manager for NIPO's electronic case and document handling system. She has been Director of Corporate Services since 2004.

As director of one of Nordic Patent Institute's participating offices Toril has also become a member of the Board.


Borghildur Erlingsdóttir


Furthermore the Board has elected Borghildur Erlingsdóttir, Director General of the Icelandic Patent Office as Chair of the Board from 1 May 2011.

The Nordic Patent Institute management would like to welcome Toril on board, and also congratulate Borghildur on her new post as the Chair of the Board. At the same time we would like to thank Jørgen for all his good work for Nordic Patent Institute and wish him all the best in the future.

Nordic Patent Institute Board