New Digital Access Service (DAS) for Patent Priority Documents administered by WIPO

The International Bureau under WIPO is introducing a new Digital Service for Patent Priority Documents (DAS). The new service will start up in mid-2008.

The fundamental objective is to allow applicants to meet priority document requirements of Offices of second filing (OFS) without having to physically obtain or submit certified copies with each of them. The system provides performance improvements and efficiencies for applicants, Offices and the International Bureau over traditional paper-based arrangements.

The trilaterals (EPO, JPO and USPTO) have already introduced an electronic exchange of priority documents between the Offices within their own common digital library for priority documents. This means that an applicant filing an application with the EPO does not subsequently have to furnish a copy of the certified priority document to the other Offices.

The new DAS administered by WIPO is voluntary for the Offices and is aimed at all Paris Union member states.

The DAS is a network-model system and will make use of digital libraries in those Offices holding priority documents. The International library will hold priority documents from Offices which do not maintain their own.

Confidentiality, in relation to priority documents that are not publicly available, will be implemented by an access control list managed by the applicant.

The Icelandic Patent Office, The Danish Patent and Trademark Office and The Norwegian Industrial Property Office are planning to join this service. By doing this, the Nordic Patent Institute will be able to retrieve priority documents from Icelandic, Danish or Norwegian applicants directly from the DAS system.

Future work on the DAS system will include the possibility of filing translations and other documents.