Nordic Patent Institute - status for 2008

The total number of applications filed in 2008 is 108, with approximately 60 % coming from Norway and 40 % from Denmark.

There was an increase in applications from Denmark during the latter part of the year, producing a more even distribution between the two countries. It is a particular pleasure to report that the Institute has also received its first application from Iceland.

All cases have been delivered within the agreed time limits and 80 cases have been completed.

Danish applications were received in the following technical fields: mechanics, food processing/agriculture/medico, household/building, and electronics. The Norwegian cases were in the fields of industrial chemistry, human necessities, vehicles/general technology, and civil engineering/thermodynamics.

The Institute’s quality management system is at present being analysed and revised following the appointment of a quality manager. This task is expected to be completed by the second quarter 2009.

The Danish and Norwegian offices have established a harmonisation group. In addition to harmonisation issues, the group has also discussed procedures for the Supplementary International Search (SIS).

The trademark application for Nordic Patent Institute has been approved for registration, and promotional material is ready for distribution.