Patent search services proven to give excellent results

A large part of the operations of Nordic Patent Institute is to provide patent search and analysis services for international customers.

One of the most common services we provide for our customers are so-called validity searches. Validity searches are normally conducted in order to determine whether a patent will withstand attack in litigation or opposition. A validity search (or "invalidity" in that case) could also seek to uncover patents or other published prior art that may render a granted patent invalid.

The quality of a validity search is therefore dependent on finding "the needle in the haystack".

For the past 30 years the national patent offices behind the Nordic Patent Institute have been delivering top quality validity searches to law firms and commercial enterprises.

The result of a recent analysis of validity searches performed by Nordic Patent Institute in 2010 showed that in about 70% of the tasks given to us, references of particular relevance (so-called "x-type") or obviousness-type references were found.

This excellent result illustrates the great work that the highly qualified PCT patent examiners of the national patent offices in Denmark and in Norway are delivering for our customers. It is also a good indicator as to the quality of the searches done by the examiners on PCT applications.

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