Quick search and examination

The delivery times of the Nordic Patent Institute will be highly competitive when compared to the existing PCT authorities.

The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) system provides a unified patent filing procedure that gives the applicant access to all the 138 contracting states through one PCT search and examination. Because of its obvious benefits, the system is a great success and is used widely across the world.

However, the general increase in patent activity puts a strain on the PCT authorities that are having difficulties with backlogs and prolonged delivery times – to the disadvantage of the applicants.

"One third of the PCT applications today are published without the important search report that indicates the invention's potential of patent protection. These conditions are expected to aggravate as the Asian countries will make much more use of the global patent systems in the years to come", says Niels Ravn, Director of Nordic Patent Institute.

Promising favourable delivery times, Nordic Patent Institute may relieve the pressure on the other PCT authorities.

"Naturally, the authority starts out with no backlogs, and through the national patent offices' extensive experience in search and examination, the member states of Nordic Patent Institute are ready to guarantee very fast delivery for our products", Niels Ravn says.

The following timelines apply for delivery of PCT products from Nordic Patent Institute:

  • ISR/WO established within 15 months from the priority date or 2 months from receipt of search copy (whichever expires latest). In practical terms, this means 3 months from filing of the international application.
  • ITS established within 5 months from filing/priority date of the national application or within 2 months from receipt of ITS-request.
  • IPRP Chapter II established within 27 months from the priority date.


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