The Nordic Patent Institute Business Identifier

The Nordic Patent Institute has adopted a logo and a design manual. The logo consists of a globe with the outline of the Arctic Circle representing the northern hemisphere, in which the name Nordic Patent Institute is integrated. The logo will be used on the official webpage and documents of the Nordic Patent Institute.

Furthermore, the design manual is based on three dots as a recurring element which represent the three participating countries Denmark, Norway and Iceland, and you will see them on future documents together with the logo.

The Institute has applied for a trademark registration of the logo and will also apply for protection under article 6ter of the Paris Convention regarding the name and logo of the Institute as an Intergovernmental Organization.

Furthermore, it has been decided to use the full name of the Institute and not the abbreviation NPI in external and branding contexts.

"We believe that there are several advantages in using the full title of the Institute, instead of using the abbreviation. For example, it will strengthen the uniqueness of our logo, making it easier for the interested parties to identify it, and it will clear any possible uncertainties regarding the denomination of the abbreviation NPI", says Christina Aagaard, Senior Adviser, Sales & Marketing.

However, the web address of Nordic Patent Institute will be and the e-mail address, and this may be used in letterheads, communication with customers, etc.