Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH)

The Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH) is a set of initiatives for providing accelerated patent prosecution procedures by sharing information between patent offices.

Under the GPPH, an applicant who has had a set of claims found allowable by a first participating office can request accelerated processing of a co-pending application at any or all of the other participating offices.

Since Nordic Patent Institute is not a patent granting authority, it is not possible to send us a request for accelerated examination based on PPH. It is however possible to use our PCT products (a favorable Written Opinion or International Preliminary Report on Patentability for a set of claims) to request accelerated processing of a corresponding national phase entry or a national application filed at any or all of the other offices participating in the GPPH pilot.

The Patent Prosecution Highway network has until now been formed from numerous bilateral agreements between offices. The GPPH is great step forward, where all acceleration requests are processed in accordance to a uniform set of criteria, simplifying the process for applicants and helping to further reduce the time and cost of seeking patent protection in key global markets.

From 6th July, two new patent authorities are now amongst those participating in the Global PPH system: Germany and Estonia.

The following offices are participants to the GPPH pilot:

  • IP Australia
  • Austrian Patent Office (APO)
  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)
  • Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO)
  • National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (NBPR)
  • Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO)
  • Icelandic Patent Office (IPO)
  • Israel Patent Office (ILPO)
  • Japan Patent Office (JPO)
  • Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)
  • Nordic Patent Institute (NPI)
  • Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO)
  • Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)
  • Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent)
  • Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)
  • Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO)
  • Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV)
  • United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • German Patent and Trade Mark Office
  • Estonian Patent Office

More information on the GPPH can be found on the following websites:

The image below will soon be updated to include the most recent participating countries:


Offices involved in Global PPH