International Type Search

An International Type Search (ITS) is an optional search which is carried out for national applications filed with a national patent office. The purpose of an ITS is to complement the national patent application if an applicant intends to apply for a patent in several countries.

The Objective

An ITS is a search that is carried out in accordance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and provides a more complete basis for assessing the conditions for patenting in other countries, giving more detailed information about the relevant prior art than the opinions an applicant receives in connection with a national patent application.

The ITS therefore assists prospective PCT applicants in determining, at an early date, whether or not to seek protection for their national inventions in one or more foreign countries via the PCT system.

Establishment of international type search (ITS) for national applications are by definition similar to international searches, and the same considerations for establishing the search report will apply (except from establishment of WO).

Delivery Time

Nordic Patent Institute will issue an international type search report for a national patent application within 5 months from filing/priority date national application or within two months from receipt of request for ITS (whichever expires later), unless

  • the application covers more than one invention


ITS fees are payable to the Receiving Office of the individual National Patent Office. See the current schedule fees and a fee calculator.


The request for an ITS is filed at the Receiving Office of the individual National Patent Office. Click here for more information.