Search and examination work delivered by Nordic Patent Institute is performed by the Danish and Norwegian patent offices (DKPTO and NIPO). DKPTO and NIPO have a staff of well educated (MSc. as a minimum, many with PhD.), experienced and specialised examiners who work according to PCT standards.

Nordic Patent Institute and the participating national patent offices have established Quality Assurance systems to control and monitor that searches meet PCT standards and identify all relevant prior art and to make sure that practice is consistent. DKPTO and NIPO Quality Assurance systems are ISO certified and meet all PCT requirements.

All the European PCT authorities, including Nordic Patent Institute, are members of the Permanent Committee on the Harmonisation of Search Activities (PCSHA). The Committee has established working groups dealing with search practice and procedure, search tools and methods and on training and the exchange of examiners and monitor of search quality.

Work performed by Nordic Patent Institute for is recognised by EPO and the Swedish Patent Office who offer partial fee refunds if the search can be based on a search performed by Nordic Patent Institute and vice versa.

PCT examination from the Institute is also recognised by the major Patent Offices. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Japan Patent Office (JPO) have established a PPH cooperation with NPI and other PPH agreements are in the pipelines.