Languages and Proximity

For Nordic Patent Institute, proximity and close personal contact with the applicant is very important.

Nordic Patent Institute was established with the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the patent competencies and services of the national patent offices in the Institute's member states. This provides applicants in the region with an alternative regarding international search and examination without sacrificing the benefits of close contact.

By utilizing the resources of the national offices to perform these tasks we are able provide our users with the benefit of "acting local while thinking global".

Amongst the benefits of choosing Nordic Patent Institute as a PCT authority:

  • Communication with the applicant in Nordic languages as well as English – informal as well as office actions.
  • Personal contact with the examiner during the examination is welcomed (within the framework of the PCT Rules and Guidelines).
  • As a local Authority, working for a more flexible and user driven PCT system, the voice of Nordic Patent Institute in PCT International forums is the voice of Nordic users.