Bodil Hasling

Bodil Hasling Bodil Hasling, Master in Food Science and Technology

Bodil Hasling has worked within the area of patent search since 1991. For the last ten years she has worked for the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. She holds a Master's degree in Food Science and Technology, and primarily works with searches regarding organic chemistry, polymers and biotechnology.

"In order to carry out a thorough patent search in a fast and cost effective way you have to be experienced. When you are experienced, it's simply easier to choose the best way of searching and to see which documents could be relevant. Real estate agents always talk about the three important factors when you sell a property: location, location and location. In the field of patent search this would be experience, experience and experience. " says Bodil.

"To me it's interesting to find methods and ways that perhaps aren't obvious but can add value to the result of the search. You have to be really skilled in order to know your search tools well and avoid the pitfalls. It's fun to provide the customer with a little extra beneficial information."

To ensure quality, there is a great focus on knowledge-sharing. "If an assignment covers two technical areas we always help each other out, so specialists representing both technical areas ensure the quality of the search. Besides that, we work closely with examiners from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office to obtain the best patent search. It is the "Nordic Way" to focus on knowledge-sharing. Our experience is that we get much better searches this way. Everybody strives to write reports that are easy to understand and that focus on the main messages."

Bodil is not only committed on a professional level. When she is not busy doing patent searches she is physically very active: she cycles to work and back, 35 kilometres every day and she runs eight kilometres two to three times a week. As Bodil says: "It gives me more energy. My brain also works better when I'm physically active".