Dan Mario Johansen

Dan Mario JohansenDan Mario Johansen, M.Sc. is a senior examiner and has worked for the Danish Patent and Trademark Office since November 2005.

He has received training in patent searches and patent examination. During his professional career he has drawn on his background in Applied Physics.

"It is crucial that every customer receives a custom-made search. They know their businesses best, and I always engage in dialogue with them in order to customize the search and meet their wishes. This way I'm better able to ensure that the search meets both our high quality standards and the customers' needs."

All examiners are trained in performing all types of searches within their technical area. Dan Mario Johansen has expertise in searching within the field of computer hardware and software, online systems and telecommunication, an expertise he has gained through his professional carrier but also due to the fact that it is his main hobby.

"I love my work because it's interesting to provide a basis for the company to make the right decisions in their IP strategy. It's important for a company to know for instance how strong their patent is compared to the invention of their competitors."

Normally, Nordic Patent Institute delivers a search within two to three weeks. In order to ensure a thorough and quick delivery the direct dialogue between the examiner and the client is encouraged. "This is also very rewarding as you get direct feedback and the benefit for the client of having a search performed becomes crystal clear."

"The most important thing for me is to perform a search that covers all relevant classes and search terms within the allocated time frame. I have access to a huge range of databases, both patent and non-patent literature. Sometimes a customer needs a search delivered "yesterday" and to succeed in delivering a tailor made search within a few days is a great achievement."

Dan Mario Johansen is chairman for the staff association and very committed to creating a good work environment: "A good work environment and thereby a solid base for knowledge sharing is essential for the quality and effectiveness of our work. That is why I'm involved."