Jan Frode Næss

Jan Frode Næss

Jan Frode Næss C. Sc. Chief Examiner, Physics and informatics

Jan Frode Næss has been an examiner for the Norwegian Industrial Property Office since 2001, where he has examined patent applications - both national applications and PCT applications.

He has examined patent applications in fields such as micro-structural devices and systems, nano-technology, measuring force, stress, torque, mechanical power and fluid pressure, apparatus and arrangements for taking photographs, electrography, holographic processes and apparatus, horology, information storage both with moving parts and static stores (DRAM, SRAM etc.), electric discharge tubes, semiconductor devices, batteries and fuel cells and devices for stimulated emission. In addition he has worked on medical related patent applications.

In addition to handling both national and PCT applications, Jan Frode has also performed novelty searches, validation searches and Freedom to Operate searches for both national and international customers.

Jan Frode holds a degree in physics, Candidatus Scientarum equivalent to a five year Master of Science, from the University of Oslo. At the University of Oslo he studied mainly physics and informatics, but also mathematics and an introductory course in chemistry. The topic of his thesis was processing and characterization of semiconductor lasers, a study on how to characterize quantum wells (QW) in QW-lasers during operations.

Prior to working as a patent examiner, Jan Frode has worked on safety of electrical equipment, especially electrical medical equipment. He also has experience in standardization work, mostly electro medical standardization, and during his standardization work was a member of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) through NEK.

Language skills: Norwegian, English, German, French