Shire Elmi

Shire Elmi, patent examiner

Shire Elmi, M. Sc. is a Senior Examiner in Organic Chemistry

Shire Elmi is a Nordic Patent Institute examiner, employed by the Norwegian Industrial Property Office in Oslo, Norway. He has a Master of Science/Engineering in Organic Chemistry from the University of Bergen, Norway in 2000.

He joined the Norwegian Industrial Property Office in 2008 and works with searches and examinations related to chemistry, especially Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural related subject matters e.g. pesticides. "As a part of our searches, we use STN, chemical structure searches in databases such as Registry and searches using features available via Epoquenet."

Prior to joining the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, Shire was a research scientist in two different pharmaceutical companies (Borregaard Synthesis and GE Health Care) where he worked with synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds in the laboratory, development and production in both pilot plant and large scale production.

"There are a lot of reasons why I love my job, but one of them, probably the most important one is having the opportunity of knowing tomorrow's technology today. In that sense I am continuously updated. The job is also interesting because we are in the middle of the link between patents, law and politics."

Language skills: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English, German, Somali.