Novelty Search - Fixed Price

Get a valid indication

  • As a clarification of whether an invention is new
  • For assessing the inventive merit of new products in relation to patenting
  • For evaluating invention disclosures
  • As a basis for a well-founded patent application

Product characteristics

We only search international patent databases. The examiner will make a restricted search in the most relevant patent databases using patent classes and keyword limitation.

Upon conclusion of the search, a limited report with the following contents will be made:

  • Search statement
  • Database, patent classes and keywords used for the search
  • Overview of material found (patent numbers) divided into categories depending on its relevance in relation to the customer's invention

Specification needed

We need a precise description of the invention and drawings, if any.


Delivery time will be maximum 10 working days.


Please contact us for prices.

In the event that the invention is too comprehensive and we consider that we will not be able to perform a proper search on the terms agreed upon (price and delivery time), we will contact you.


If you need further information, have any questions or wish to order a search, see our contact details.