Sequence Search

We offer two types of Sequence Searches: a standard fixed price search and a more comprehensive tailored search.

This type of sequence search helps you form a quick overview of the document landscape of a chosen amino acid or nucleotide sequence. In this way, you obtain the perfect basis for deciding if a patenting process will be worthwhile for you. The search could also give you valuable input for further research and development.

Product characteristics

The Standard search comprises nucleotide and protein sequences described in patent as well as non-patent literature. Within the patent area, the search covers sequences found in USPTO, INPADOC/EPO and WIPO/PCT from around 1980 and up to the present. In addition, the search covers sequences from open access databases like GenBank, EMBL and DDBJ (DNA Data Bank of Japan).

One of the following algorithms can be used for the search: BLAST, Percent Identity (GenePAST) and Fragment Search. GenePAST is a very good option for short sequences. The search is conducted via a secure connection.

Overview and new knowledge in your technological field

In the process of developing new products or further developing products already in your product range, your company should be aware of existing and potential rights or literature within your technological field.

The State of the Art Sequence Search provides you with:

  • An improved basis for judging patentability and scope of protection
  • An improved basis for drafting a relevant patent application
  • Inspiration for your further innovation

You will receive your search result in a well arranged report that gives you a quick survey. The report contains an exact reference to the occurrence of the sequence looked out from the literature. In addition, it contains information about overlap, sequence length, organism, gene, etc. It is possible to group your search results according to e.g. alignment, organism, gene name or patent family.

This type of sequence search should be seen as a general survey, and if you plan to make further analyses such as freedom to operate, infringement, validity, etc., it may be necessary to conduct further searches in more databases using different algorithms or covering additional technical literature.


We offer the State of the Art Sequence Search with a fixed delivery time. You will receive your Sequence Search within a maximum of 3 working days.


If you need further information, have any questions or wish to order a search, see our contact details.