US Accelerated Examination Search

This search is an extended novelty search adapted to the guidelines of the USPTO for an accelerated examination search.

The search explores:

  • US granted patents and patent applications using the US classification system and by using text searching.
  • Foreign patents and published applications e.g. by using the European and the international classification systems and by using text searching.
  • Non-patent literature.

Product description

Our search report includes a Pre-Examination Search Document, which only requires a little modification before submission. Furthermore, in documents relevant for the examination the relevant paragraphs in the documents are mentioned in a separate report in order for you to save time.

In order to perform the best US Accelerated Examination Search we would appreciate receiving a copy of the final set of claims as well as of the application.

If the claims are changed during the examination procedure performed by USPTO further searches may be necessary.

Specifications needed

We need the US patent application or if it is a published patent the Patent number.


Delivery time will normally be within 2-3 weeks.
Before starting the search a latest delivery date and time consumption will be agreed.


The price of a search for US accelerated examination depends on the scope of the application and will be based on hours spent. The price will cover documents and costs for normally used databases.


If you need further information, have any questions or wish to order a search, see our contact details.