Validity Search

Validity searches can be used:

  • To discover prior art that can be used when filing for an opposition/post grant review or in a litigation
  • To have an in depth search of your own patent before a transaction or an infringement claim

Product characteristics

We search international patent databases and non-patent literature The scope of the search will be references that either alone or in combination can challenge the validity of the patent. Upon conclusion of the search a report will be made.

  • Specification of the aim of the search
  • Description of the scope of the search
  • Overview of material found divided into categories depending on its relevance
  • Detailed specification of the relevant parts of the references
  • Search strategy and databases used for the search

If useful a claim chart that shows the correspondence between the prior art and the claimed feature can be added.

Specifications needed

We need the number of the patent or the patent application, and as a checkpoint e.g. the assignee.

We also need to know if there should be any claims or claim features that are more important than others.


Delivery time is normally within 2-3 weeks.
Before starting the search a latest delivery date and a price estimate will be quoted.


The price of a Validity Search depends on the scope of the task and will be based on hours spent. The price covers documents and costs for normally used databases.


If you need further information, have any questions or wish to order a search, see our contact details.