Our examiners have access to more than 90 patent and non-patent databases worldwide. This enables us to tailor the search according to the technical area as well as the purpose of the search.

Our main tool is the EPOQUE System which is the system used by EPO examiners. The EPOQUE system gives us access to abstract databases such as EPODOC and WPI as well as a large number of full text databases covering patent documents from a number of countries i.e. US, JP and DE.

In addition to this, our examiners have access to a large number of specific databases covering non-patent literature or databases with specific search tools i.e for structure or sequence searches.

Choosing the right database for the search is one of the core competencies of our examiners, but if you would like us to concentrate on or include a specific database just let us know.

If you would like to know more about the databases you can download a leaflet describing the most frequently used database in each of the main technical areas. Click on the thumbnails below:


Databases Chemical Engineering

Databases for chemical engineering thumbnail

Databases for Electro Engineering

Databases for Electro Engineering

Databases for Mechanical Engineering

 Databases for Mechanical Engineering