For our Patent search services we use the expertise of the 150 patent examiners at the Danish and Norwegian Patent Offices.

Patent Examiners

  • Are well educated in sciences and technologies
  • Are highly trained in searching and examination
  • Have access to a range of excellent searching tools

Why limit these competencies and skills to only examining patent applications?

The unique skills of examiners can provide other useful and valuable services to businesses and IP law firms.

Our examiners competences:

  • Minimum of a Masters degree and many have their Doctorate degree
  • Minimum search fluency in English, German, French, and Scandinavian languages
  • Additional language skills give Nordic Patent Institute search fluency in over thirty languages
  • Extensively trained in prior art searching and assessment from a patent perspective
  • Considerable experience in other types of searches as FTO, Clearance and Landscaping

If you want to know more you can meet an examiner here: