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5 ways to successfully prepare for a business trip

With his charmingly contagious laugh and faithful partner (his green coffee mug!), our Key Account Manager Kim Pedersen reveals his best insights on how to successfully prepare for a business trip. “I love to travel. I love meeting new people, create relationships and maintain them. It satisfies me immensely when I’m able to help a customer with his or her needs”, Kim says as we start our interview.

Kim has been working with Nordic Patent Institute and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office for 13 years, and he travels on average 50-60 working days a year to both European and American law firms and companies. “I help our customers when they are in need of global prior art search services for themselves or their clients”, he says taking a sip of his coffee mug.

1. Relaxing days prior to the flight departure

“I always make sure to pack my belongings a couple of days prior to the flight departure because I prefer to have relaxing surroundings before a long flight” Kim says. He asks rhetorically “why not avoid stress during your travel activity?”

2. Get plenty, plenty of sleep and have a burger!

“My longest flights can easily be more than 10 hours, for instance to the West Coast of the US, so I always make sure to have plenty of sleep the day before”, Kim states. “Jetlag is a real thing, and it usually affects me for several days, so I always make sure to go to sleep early upon landing”, he continues. With a big smile on his face, he finishes his sentence by telling how a juicy hamburger and a cold beer is one of his favorite ways to cool down upon landing before resting at the hotel.

3. Don’t forget your compression socks!

“Stabbing leg pain is painful!” he confidentially whispers. One of Kim’s routines is, therefore, to always remember compression socks during the flight, as they reduce swollen feet and the risk for coronaries. “So I always make sure to have my compression socks on prior to the departure, and I’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable business flight”, he ends.

4. Sound reducing headphones are a must!

“I can’t sleep without my sound reducing headphones and night mask, as a way to exclude all sound and light during the flight”, Kim says laughingly.

5. Who doesn’t love country music?

Along with his e-Book and work-related tasks, Kim also enjoys listening to music and watching a couple of his favorite Netflix movies. “I love country music, who doesn’t love country music?” he asks smilingly before we end our interview.

All things considered, our best advice in order to successfully prepare for a business trip is, therefore to create relaxing and comforting surroundings in which your body is able to relax and your mind to be happy. Oh, and don’t forget your green coffee mug while you’re at it.

A well-prepared business trip with attention to detail increases the quality of meetings and therefore strengthens the relationship with customers.

We wish you a pleasant business trip!

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