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Nordic Patent Institute finds relevant documents in 70% of its validity searches

For the past four decades Nordic Patent Institute and the national patent offices which form the organization have been delivering top quality validity searches to law firms and commercial enterprises around the world.

The result of a recent analysis of validity searches performed by Nordic Patent Institute showed that in about 70% of the tasks given to us, references of particular relevance (so-called “x-type”) or obviousness type references were found.

But how do we achieve such great result? The answer is quite simple, by utilizing the 150 highly qualified PCT patent examiners of the national patent offices in Denmark and in Norway, trained in a broad range of technical fields. By using state of the art search tools and the best databases available, they are able to deliver work of such high quality within a given deadline.

The Nordic Patent Institute’s examiners are typically educated at a Master of Science level or higher; they have extensive training as patent examiners and have as a minimum a search proficiency in English, French, German, and other European languages including the Scandinavian languages.

We know by experience that for delivering a high quality search and analysis, which is useful for the client, it is critical to have a close dialogue before, during and after the search.

When filing for an opposition or a request for revocation of a right and the stakes are high, it is imperative to have access to the best source of information available.

If you like some more information on our validity searches or if you would like get a quotation for a specific task don’t hesitate to contact us.

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