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Our state-of-the-art search tools create an advantage

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When performing Prior Art Search Services for our customers we use the expertise of our highly educated, multilingual and experienced patent examiners to do the job.

However impressive their skills and experiences might be, they must have the right tools to be able to deliver the high quality work demanded of them.

Since Nordic Patent Institute is a partnership of three European Patent Offices, the main search tool our examiners use is the EPOQUE Net system. The name EPOQUE derives from the abbreviated forms of the words European Patent Office QUEry. The system was developed by the EPO for the EPO examiners. It is reserved for Patent Offices and is widely recognized to be state-of-the-art. Some its main features are:

  • Highly effective search engine and a package of EPO’s worldwide patent and non-patent databases, including EPODOC and WPI.
  • An extremely effective viewer, which enables the examiners to read the relevant prior art documents in full text. That means that relevant documents are screened for relevancy in full text.
  • The vast number of databases are searched by use of the same search language for all databases.

In addition to the EPOQUE Net database coverage, we have teamed up with various commercial database vendors so our examiners have access to a large number of specific databases covering non-patent literature or databases with specific search tools i.e. for structure and sequence searches or telecommunication standards.

Our search tools and capabilities are your advantage, giving you best value for your money and a quick turnaround.

Contact us at for a list of accessible databases or a product leaflet and report example for the search type which is of your interest, for example:

  • Novelty/patentability search
  • Clearance/FTO search
  • Validity/Invalidity searches with optional claim chart.

If you would like get a free quotation for a specific task, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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