Clearance Search

Clearance searches are used:

  • For identifying whether your product or product idea violates already existing rights.
  • For cost savings - preventing unnecessary investments in production and marketing.
  • As inspiration for modifying your product and thereby preventing violation of existing rights.

Product characteristics

We search international patent databases on the basis of a description and drawings prepared by the customer. The scope of the search, including selection of countries, will be agreed upon in each individual case. Upon conclusion of the search, a report will be drafted.

The report can be customized but will normally include the following:

  • Specification of the aim and scope of the search
  • Overview of material found, divided into categories depending on its relevance.
  • Detailed specification of the relevant parts of the references.
  • Hyperlink to the full document and the INPADOC status (family and legal status information).
  • Search strategy and databases used for the search.

Specification needed

  • A description of the idea product and product features that you want us to search for clearance.
  • A list of countries for which you want the clearance search performed.
  • The names of competitors in the field can often be helpful.

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