Freedom to Operate Search

Freedom to operate searches can be used:

  • For mapping out a technical field
  • As inspiration prior to the commencement of a new development project
  • As information about who is operating within a given field
  • As a basis for assessing the potential opportunities and risks for new activities in an area

Product characteristics

We search international patent databases on the basis of a description prepared by the customer. The scope of the search will be agreed upon in each individual case. The examiner performing the search will be in close contact with you.

Upon conclusion of the search a report will be made.

The report can be customized but will normally include the following:

  • Specification of the aim of the search
  • Description of the scope of the search
  • Overview of references, i.e. divided into categories according to technical features or relevance
  • Hyperlink to the full document and the INPADOC status (family and legal status information
  • Search strategy and databases used for the search

Specification needed

  • A technical description of the idea, product or product features that you want us to search
  • A list of countries for which you want the FTO search done
  • The names of competitors in the field can often be helpful.

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