Novelty/Patentability Search

Wide range of Novelty/Patentability searches 

The purpose of a Patentability/Novelty search is to determine whether there are any previous patents or non-patent literature that might prevent the inventor from patenting the idea. 

A good Patentability/Novelty search can help you and your client get the most out of an invention. It can reduce costs involved with patent prosecution and speed up the process.  

We offer solutions that fit every need, since both budgets and the level of thoroughness needed from such a search can vary quite a bit depending on customers and technology areas. 

Full Novelty/Patentability Search 

An individually quoted search, equal to a thorough PCT search, where a patent examiner typically uses 2-3 working days in searching and analyzing patent and non-patent documentation.  

Upon conclusion of the search, a report with the following contents will be made:

  • Specification of the aim of the search
  • Description of the scope of the search
  • Overview of references found divided into categories depending on their relevance
  • Examiner's comments on why the reference is perceived to be relevant
  • Detailed specification of the relevant parts of the references
  • Search strategy and databases used for the search

Fixed Price Novelty Search 

A narrower, focused search by a patent examiner (approx. 1 working day) in the most comprehensive patent literature databases, in order to determine whether an invention is new. Optional half-day search in NPL can be added at a fixed price if deemed necessary. 

Novelty and Technology Overview 

A Novelty Search combined with an analysis of the patent activity in the technical field the invention belongs. This gives an indication of the major players and the most important markets and patenting activity within the technical field.  

Collaborative Search 

Through video conferencing, the inventor and/or his professional representative can follow the search and discuss the details of the search with the examiner in real time. The purpose is to assess the value of an invention (novelty) before committing resources to develop it further, to market it, seek funding or to file a patent application. 

Specifications needed

We need a short description of the invention that specifies the relevant technical features, i.e. an invention disclosure, or a provisional patent application.

Drawings, chemical structures etc. can often be very helpful.

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