Trusted Partner

Trusted partner

We have decades of experience in working with companies all over the world, from SMEs to some of the world's largest technology driven companies. Together we have developed a cooperation model based on tailor-made solutions, helping each customer to better identify his needs and us to better understand his business.

Understanding your challenges

We help companies identify and solve challenges they might run into such as:

  • Workload fluctuations which put undesirable pressure on internal search departments which can affect quality, flexibility and bring unintended high fixed costs
  • Search projects that fall outside the core competence of the internal search team
  • Legal conflicts that draw focus away from R&D and other important core business activities
  • Not being confident that your business secrets are kept confidential when outsourcing

Benefits of working with us

Instead of increasing the internal capacity many companies chose to cooperate with Nordic Patent Institute, thereby optimizing their internal resources while maintaining flexibility and quality.

With close cooperation we can provide the same product as your internal searches. We will follow your guidelines and deliver in your desired report frame.

With close cooperation you will use fewer resources in defining the search scope and purpose, negotiating price and delivery time.

We can assemble a team of pre-assigned examiners that understand your business and technical area in depth.

We have a proven track record and reputation of delivering quality invalidity searches. In more than 70% of these searches we find either new novelty destroying or obviousness type of prior art.

Through feedback from our customers, we know that our searches have proven to have high credibility in legal proceedings.

As patent offices, we know how to handle business secrets. Our searches are performed on-site, by Nordic patent examiners using approved databases via secure lines.

Trusted Partner brochure (PDF)

Contact us for more information on the benefits of a partnership with Nordic Patent Institute.

"The cooperation between Nordic Patent Institute and our in-house search team has proven to be a valuable instrument in gaining a better control of the workload peaks without putting additional pressure on our searchers. Thereby we have managed to preserve the quality of the work and maintain a healthy work environment. It has been an excellent partnership where Nordic Patent Institute has become an extension of our work group.

- Head of IP at a leading US Chemical manufacturing Company.

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