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5 surefire tips for a great day at the office

With her positive spirit and her famously homemade crispbreads, Annie Højberg is our sales supporter here at Nordic Patent Institute. Annie is known to be a bit of our jack-of-all-trades, as she supports our Key Account Managers, carries out all practical tasks, creates invoices, offers sales literature and establishes orders. This also means that when you call us, the kind and welcoming voice you hear is often Annie’s. As Annie puts it laughingly, “I basically do it all”.

Simultaneously with being our jack-of-all-trades at the office, Annie is also known to be full of fun. We therefore decided to interview her, as we believe she can help us solve one of the business community’s biggest puzzles; how to have a great day at the office. Every. Single. Day.

1. Just eat breakfast

At the beginning of our interview, Annie smilingly states that she never leaves her home before having had her breakfast. “It’s part of my morning routine”, she says seriously. In this regard Annie definitely does not slip up. According to Lauren Blake, a licensed and registered dietitian, nutritionist and certified health and wellness coach at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, food directly impacts behavior and emotions. This means that putting a little thought into your morning routine really can help improve your mood all day! Thus, the first of Annie’s 5 tips for a great day at the office is; just eat breakfast.

2. Choose to be positive

Perhaps one of the most important tips for a great day at the office is Annie’s next firm decision. “I don’t like to be negative”, Annie says seriously. “I don’t know if I do anything extraordinary to be positive, I just choose to be it”, she continues smilingly. “Being in a bad mood only makes you feel more down”, she says. As Annie illustrates, the next and perhaps most important tip for a great day at the office is to choose to be positive. Decision is certainly the ultimate power!

3. Contribute to a positive workplace

“We have an amazing energy at the office. We often tease each other lovingly, which means we often laugh, so I like coming here every day”, Annie continues smilingly. By being her positive and laughing self, Annie deliberately chooses to contribute to a positive workplace. Annie’s third tip is therefore deliberately to contribute to a positive workplace.

4. Coffee saves lives!

“Of course, coffee is very much needed for me”, Annie says smilingly when being asked about her daily routines at the office. It is therefore not remarkable that you can actually purchase t-shirts and coffee mugs with the saying such as “Coffee saves lives”. Annie does not however own such a t-shirt – yet.

5. Love what you do

Having been part of Nordic Patent Institute the longest, we asked Annie if she ever considers retiring, in which she responds smilingly “I can’t imagine not going to work. I think every day at the office offers exciting tasks, and I really love it here”. “I don’t feel like the retiring chapter is part of my life yet. I simply don’t feel old”, Annie continues smilingly. In this way, Annie certainly shows us that your passion shines through. According to Annie, it is therefore important that you love what you do!

All things considered, our 5 surefire tips to have a great day at the office are to eat breakfast, deciding to be positive, contribute to a positive workplace, getting your coffee because it saves lives and loving what you do.

A positive attitude is scientifically proven to increase both your health and performance.

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