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Is it time to update your FTO search?

The purpose of a Freedom to Operate search (FTO) is to find out whether any product you plan to produce and commercialize infringes anyone else’s valid IP rights. As such, an FTO search is a presentation of the present patent landscape within the agreed technological scope.

The FTO search itself is often just a starting point of a more extensive activity involving a risk analysis or risk assessment. This can be a lengthy and continuous process, making it necessary to update the FTO search to verify that the information used as a basis for the risk analysis or risk assessment still holds.

When Nordic Patent Institute has performed an FTO Search for you, we will be able to provide you with an update on that search once or on a regular basis, i.e. annually, biannually or more frequently depending on your need.

By updating the original search and applying the same search strategy and parameters, the results will generate an accurate picture of the present patent landscape.

For more information on updating a previous FTO search or for ordering an FTO search with a fixed price on the subsequent update search please contact us by sending an e-mail or use our Secure File Exchange system for encrypted communication.

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