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Nordic experts in Global Patent Searching

Our unique competence

We provide prior art searching (patent and non-patent) for businesses and IP law firms. To perform these searches we utilize the expertice and competences of 150 Nordic patent examiners, covering all technical fields.

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Our expertise

All our searches are performed using the best international patent databases and non-patent literature databases available. As a patent authority we have access to a range of exclusive patent and non-patent databases.

We have teamed up with a number of commercial providers for specialized databases including databases of Asian language, non-patent literature, databases providing the option of semantic searching, AI searching as well as some specialized sequence and structure databases.

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150 highly skilled PCT examiners at your disposal

Covering all technical fields with an average experience of 10 years in patent search and examination as well as search and analysis
for international customers.

Best patent and NPL databases available

The search is performed in state-of-the-art databases using among others, EPO search tools, in a close dialogue between you and the examiner to ensure accurate focus.

High quality searches based on our experience and your needs

When performing a search, we only search international patent databases. The examiner will use his experience and make a restricted search in the mos trelevant patent databases using patent classes and keyword limitation.

A high value search report

Get and overview of material found divided into categories depending on its relevance in relation to the customer’s invention and if possible indications of the relevant parts of the references.

Personal contact with the examiner

Direct communication between examiner and customer fosters efficiency, clarity, and personalization of our services. It promotes transparency and builds trust, transforming our service into a partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Unique competence in FTO searches for chemical structures and bio-sequences

Our unique expertise and experience in FTO search and analysis, particularly in chemical structures and bio-sequences enables precise navigation of complex patent landscapes, ensuring a clear path for innovation in these specialized fields.

What our clients say

The cooperation between Nordic Patent Institute and our in-house search team has proven to be a valuable instrument in gaining a better control of the workload peaks without putting additional pressure on our searchers.

Head of IP at a Fortune 500 Chemical manufacturing company

I collaborated with Nordic Patent Institute (NPI) on various projects, including Freedom-to-Operate studies and invalidity searches. The NPI professionals demonstrated a deep understanding of the assignments and consistently delivered results in a timely manner. I particularly appreciate their practice of engaging with clients to discuss strategy and review the findings after providing the final report. This open communication is essential for effectively interpreting results and identifying the most relevant information. I highly recommend NPI to companies and professionals seeking assistance with patent searching.


Matteo Bonfatti

Intellectual Property Manager, medmix Switzerland AG

Upcoming Events

Consistently, our team participates in key IP conferences to keep up with industry trends and innovations. This not only allows us to connect with professionals in the field but also to gain valuable insights. Additionally, we prioritize arranging one-on-one meetings with our customers. See below if our itinerey matches with yours:

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