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Fees for international Search

Fees for International Search (PCT Phase I) are to be paid to the Receiving Office of the Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian or Swedish Patent Offices, or at the International Bureau of WIPO with the application. 

Fees for International Preliminary Examination

Fees for International Preliminary Examination (PCT Phase II) are paid directly to Nordic Patent Institute as International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA). For payment information, see below. 

Schedule of fees

The WIPO applicants guide contains the updated list of PCT fees. For more information on fees and payments including e-filing reductions see the WIPO PCT resources website

Deposit accounts

To simplify payment of fees it is possible to establish a deposit account in Danish Krone (DKK) at Nordic Patent Institute. In order to open an account, you need to download, print and fill out the Deposit Account Agreement below and send two copies of it by mail to:

Nordic Patent Institute
Helgeshøj Allé 81
2630 Taastrup

Deposit into a Nordic Patent Institute Deposit Account shall be paid by transfer to the Institute's bank account:

Danske Bank,
Registration number 3129,
Account number 3129 750790,
IBAN code: DK96 3000 3129 750790, SWIFT: DABADKKK.