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Structure Search

A structure search is in gerneral terms aimed at finding a specific spatial arrangement of molecules in a given patent or non-patent document. They are normally used for obtaining an overview of the document landscape of chemical structures, for patentability evaluation, validity or Freedom to Operate evaluation.  

Product characteristics

We offer both chemical substance and structure searches for all purposes.

The experienced examiners performing the search have access to excellent search tools giving them access all the most relevant databases.

A chemical substance or structure will be searched in one or more of the following databases depending on the purpose of the search:

  • Registry
  • Reaxys
  • Casreact
  • Marpat
  • MMS
  • WPI (BCEcodes)

The examiner performing the search will be in close contact with you before during and after the search.

Upon conclusion of the search a report will be made. The report can be customized but will normally include the following:

  • Specification of the aim of the search
  • Description of the scope of the search
  • Display of the relevant Markush or specific structures on result list, with a reasonable amount of hits
  • Overview of references, i.e. divided into categories according to technical features or relevance.
  • Search strategy, including structures searched, and databases used for the search.

Specifications needed

We need a short description of the invention that specifies the novel steps, e.g. an invention disclosure, or a provisional patent application. If the purpose is validity then the patent number will generally suffice. 

Chemical Markush structures with preferred compounds, substance information can often be very helpful.

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Delivery time is normally within 2-3 weeks. The quote will include a firm delivery date. If your deadline is shorter, let us know and we will do our best to arrange work to accommodate your needs.  


We will give you a free quote depending on the scope of the task. The quote will be based on the hours spent. The price covers documents and costs for databases used.