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Why choose Nordic Patent Institute as your ISA?

Fast delivery of Search Reports

  • We know how important it can be for applicants to receive the international search report before publication.
  • Nordic Patent Institute has been at the forefront of international authorities when it comes to timeliness of the delivery of international search reports.
  • Nordic Patent Institute has no backlogs so fast delivery is guaranteed, also giving more flexibility for communication with the applicant.

European standard on fees, quality and means of filing

  • The schedule of fees, with respect to all work done as an ISA, is fully harmonized between all the European PCT authorities.
  • Our examiners' main search tools are European Patent Office's search systems, EPOQUENET and ANSERA-based SEARCH (AbS). Training of examiners in using these tools is done in collaboration with the EPO.
  • Extensive cooperation between European PCT Authorities coupled with regular harmonization and benchmarking exercises ensures harmonized practice and quality. 
  • All our search and examination work is performed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Assurance Systems to control and monitor that searches meet the highest standards.
  • Applicants can use WIPOs ePCT system for filing and communicating electronically with Nordic Patent Institute.

Flexibility coupled with close, personal contact

  • We understand that the PCT application marks the beginning of the international journey for a patent application. Recognizing the significance of addressing business needs and providing relevant information, we prioritize flexibility in our search and examination services.
  • Communication with the applicant in Nordic languages as well as English – informally and in office actions.
  • We strive to be service minded both in our communication with applicants but also when handling applications.

Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH)

  • A favorable ISR Written Opinion or IPRP for a set of claims from Nordic Patent Institute be used to request accelerated processing of a corresponding national phase entry or a national application filed at any or all of the other offices participating in the GPPH.
  • The GPPH now has 27 members, including US, Germany, UK, Korea and Japan.
  • For more information see the GPPH website.

Global Search Expertise

  • Our examiners have been performing commercial search and analysis services for companies and law firms around the globe as well as search and examination work for other patent offices.
  • This has vastly increased the competences of our examiners, making them more customer-oriented and better equipped to assist local companies to increase the competitiveness in the global market.