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As a patent authority we have access to a range of exclusive patent and non-patent databases. We have also teamed up with a number of commercial providers for specialized databases. This includes Asian language databases, non-patent literature databases, databases providing the option of semantic searching, as well as some Sequence and structure databases.

One of the core competences of our patent examiners is the ability to identify and search the most relevant databases for each task.

  • 150 highly skilled PCT examiners at your disposal
  • Best patent and NPL databases available
  • High quality searches based on our experience and your needs
  • A high value search report
  • Personal contact with the examiner
  • Examiners with multi-language skills
  • Unique competences in FTO searches for chemical structures and bio-sequences
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Highly specialized competencies

Our technical experts’ long-standing experience with search databases and knowledge of search language and algorithms make them capable to produce the most relevant results.