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Your PCT application

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application process begins with filing an international application through a receiving office. For applicants in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden, this happens at the National Patent Offices (see links below) or directly with the International Bureau of WIPO.

Applicants filing at one of the national Receiving Offices must use the office in the country of which they are a national or resident. The two-letter code for using Nordic Patent Institute is XN.

Demands for Nordic Patent Institute to act as an IPEA should be filed directly at the Institute at the address in Taastrup, Denmark. See contact information.

For more detailed guidance on the PCT application process, please visit the WIPO Applicant’s Guide.

Electronic filing with ePCT

The ePCT system is an advanced online platform provided by WIPO that facilitates the management of PCT applications. This user-friendly tool allows applicants, patent offices, and authorized users to securely access and manage their PCT applications electronically. This includes features like online filing, real-time status tracking, and the ability to upload documents directly, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and convenience throughout the entire PCT process. Acess the ePCT system here.

Useful links

Danish Patent and Trademark Office, for applicants that are residents of Denmark. 

Norwegian Industrial Property Office, for applicants that are residents of Norway. 

Icelandic Intellectual Property Office, for applicants that are residents of Iceland. 

International Bureau of WIPO, for all applicants eligible to choose Nordic Patent Institute as ISA.