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Efficiency guaranteed

It is the combination of the technical professional insight, patent knowledge and search experience of our patent examiners that ensures the high quality of our work. Our state of the art search tools and the expertise of our examiners enable us to guarantee you efficient work and fast turnaround time – typically 10-15 working days.

Our process

  • Request

    You can submit a search request through email, our website, or our Secure File Exchange System.

  • Quote

    The patent examiners will assess the scope of your request, after direct contact with you. Based on that we will send you a quote with price and delivery time.

  • Accept

    Once we get your approval to move forward, an order confirmation is forwarded. The examiner contacts you directly before starting the search.

  • Search and analysis

    The search is performed in
    state-of-the-art databases using among others, EPO search tools, in a close dialogue between you and the examiner to ensure accurate focus.

  • Delivery

    The results are delivered, typically within 10-15 working days, in a comprehensive report where the examiner’s expertise makes sure only the relevant documents are listed.

  • Follow up

    We offer a telephone meeting or video conference to elaborate on the findings.